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One simple question: do you want more visitors on your website?

If your answer is YES then save this page to your harddrive and read all information when you have time. It will take less than 30 minutes of your time and will help you get more visitors on your website. As a regular websurfer I visit many company sites owned by companies spending thousands of dollars on paper ads and expensive tradeshows and then I check their pagecounter and many times there are only a few hundreds of hits registered on their website.

If this is the case then your webmarketing is not good. You can have the best products and website of the world but if no one can find them you loose a lot of potential business. Our website has had over 300.000 unique visitors in less than 3 years time with a marketing budget of less than $500 a month. But by being creative and use of all available marketing options we have managed to get you today on our site. You probably found our site through a link, search engine, banner ad, company directory or newsgroup posting.

My advice is simple, use 50% of your current advertisement/promotional budget for webmarketing and webadvertising. You will get more value for your money and by linking to your site you can inform the potential customer better than using normal media for less money.

The international market is changing and even small companies can now enter the attractive e-commerce market. Asian companies are still ahead of the European internet market developments but this is rapidly changing. Europe is finally moving in and for American companies the web is daily busines.

Companies on the web will have a global audience and a bigger market to sell to. But good webmarketing will be essential to be successful in this fast changing market.

We have 3 years experience in building of websites, doing webmarketing for client sites and our own portal sites ( , , http://www.worldjump.com ) and below we will give you some advice to improve your webmarketing and options to get more visitors on your website.

Ron Fonteine
UGA media

Free webmarketing options
Promote your url by spreading it on all information your sent out
Get the word out, some suggestions
  • Put your url on your envelopes
  • Put your url on all brochures, letterheads, company cars
  • Customer mailings
  • Give away nice stickers (containing your url) on trade shows
  • Send your url to local media

Put special plates on your company car(s) like for example this one:

-Put your url on company cars

These plates are available for only $34.95 and will attract attention, ideal for traffic jams, parking
places, while visiting clients / tradeshows etc. For more information about these car plates
please go to the following webpage where you will find more information.

Add metatags to your site
A lot of search engines spider your site. What they do is simple reading the text in your html page
and adding it to their database. But the information they use is often missing because the
webmaster has never heard about socalled metatags. Metatags are extra codes added to the
header of your html page. An example of the page you are now viewing:

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">
<meta name="author" content="R.Fonteine -">
<meta name="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">
<meta name="description" content="BizEurope Resource, European import / export site">
<meta name="distribution" content="global">
<meta name="keywords" content="export, import, EXPORT, IMPORT, trade, business">
<meta name="resource-type" content="document">
<meta name="robots" content="all">
<title>BizEurope Resource, European import / export site - UGA Media Publishing</title>
<base target="_self">

The most important lines are in red and have to be on your site for good results in search engines. Choose some good keywords and a good title and description because they are used by these socalled spider engines like Altavista and Hotbot.

If you need an online tool to generate code for you try this site.

Put the code between the lines <head> and </head>

Exchange of links
A lot of work but worth trying out and it's free.
Regular submission to search engines / link directories
You can submit your site by hand (if you have a lot of time) or you can use a professional website submission service like our own submit service.
Improve your rankings in leading search engines
Many search engines use socalled spiders (robots) which will scan your site for description, keywords etc. This information is then added to their database. Many beginners forget to add a title to their page so if you bookmark their page it's says "Homepage" or "New page". You will understand that your site will be difficult to find if someone has built up hundreds of bookmarks.

Also if you forget to add socalled metatags to your page many people will never find your page while use popular search engines. More info about creating metatags can be found on TagGen - An Essential Web Site Promotion Tool, whether you are looking to increase the traffic to your site or gain control over your intranet you will need meta tags. This link describes how to promote your web site with the TagGen meta data composer.

Link Trading - Increase your link popularity
You are invited to participate in a link-exchange project that can greatly improve your searchengine rankings. Your participation costs you absolutely nothing -- and it will take only a few minutes of your time.
Paid webmarketing options
Starting your own affiliate network at Share A Sale
Pay other sites for sending customers / visitors to your site, start your own affiliate network now.
Why everyone knows about, They have thousands of affiliates promoting
their products on commission base. With an investment of only $100 you can start your own affiliate
program and having other websites promote your company products/services. You can choose from:
  • Pay per sale, you pay commission on online sales
  • Pay per lead, you pay for leads generated by your affiliates
  • Pay per click, you pay a fee per visitor an affiliate send to you

What you need is only $100 for the first balance to pay your affiliates, a few good buttons and
attractive banners and you can start within 24 hours. You have full control about your affiliates
and you can even raise their fee if they bring you serious business.

Let find sales leads for you. Only pay when it works! affiliate network
Start your own affiliate program and pay other sites for sending traffic to yours. You decide what
you want to pay per affiliate ($0.01-$0.25) and which sites you will accept. Also you can check
daily stats and see ip addresses of traffic generated to your site to prevent fraud
Get unclaimed domain names!
All the good domain names are taken? Not true ! Many good names are not paid in time by the
owner and are repossessed by Internet for non-payment. For only $1 per week you will each
week receive a full list of all expired domain names so you can get great names for the normal
domain price.
Send press releases to magazines and newspapers
An effective way to get more visitors on your site is send press releases to magazines and
newspaper, for each time a press release is printed you will reach thousands of readers for
free. If only 20 magazines/newspaper would print your announcement you could reach over
1.000.000 readers in various countries. You can do it yourself or use a professional service
who already has the contacts in this field like
Spread socalled webcards
Make socalled webcards which contain a screenshot of your site and your url and spread these
cards on tradeshows, mailings etc to other business men. Need help with this? Try this guys,
we have good experiences with them and are also inexpensive! Get a free sample here
Banner Advertising
Still the best way to promote your business site to many international traders. Buy banner space
on popular sites and thousands of business men will see your ad and will know your name and
website. It will cost you some money but it's best investment.

Also banner rates are often much lower than the regular rates of printed media. By directing potential
customers to your website you can give them more information then you could do with printed
advertisements. Another nice side effect is that potential every internet user can see your ad while
with ads in magazine and newspapers you only reach their subscribers.

If you like to advertise on our sites please contact us now

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